Monthly Archives: October 2014

Cross Guards

I make a point, when I’m at an intersection where there is a cross guard on duty, to roll down my window as I drive by and say “thank you for what you do”! It always surprises them. I’m being sincere. They barely make minimum wage and they take the time every morning and every afternoon to help keep our children safe. This is my contribution to random acts of kindness.


Grocery Store Mom

I was behind a young mom in the checkout line at HEB today.  She had one toddler in the basket and her other 4 year old was grabbing the candy that is purposefully poised within reach of little hands. The mom told her no,  to put the candy back. She had to pry it out of the little girls hands as she commenced screaming at the top of her lungs while throwing a huge tantrum. This situation is now drawing attention from patrons in nearby check out lines. When she left, with now two screaming kids in tow, I said to the checker and bagger “thank goodness my kids aren’t that little anymore”. These two numb sculls put their two cents worth of how awkward that was to watch a mom dealing with the tantrum child and her disciplining them.  I had a few thoughts of my own besides “thank goodness mine aren’t that little anymore”. I said kudos to the mom for not giving in to the screaming child,  and parents wouldn’t have to deal with this crap of a situation if the candy wasn’t RIGHT THERE.  I also said, my children never behaved that way in stores. Never. And I was being honest. All it took was a look and a snap and they would stop any inkling of misbehavior. My children were very well behaved. We would get complements all the time on how well behaved they were when we were in public. All four of them.  I then preceded to say “it’s tough being a mom of young children. ..why do you think so many mom’s drink wine”? The checker girl responded,  “my mom doesn’t like wine”. In my head (because I try to hind my crazy in public) I responded,  you’re and idiot and so is your bagger. I’m done with you”. I took my receipt, smiled,  and left. I am now sitting on the patio raising my glass of wine to all the young moms out there with small children. I want you to know that it does get easier. When the tantrums and screams do stop, there will come a moment when you wish for a day when you had them that young again.